21 Living Room Lighting Tips And Expert Tips In Toronto

1. Contemporary Living Room Lighting - Keep it Simple. The most eye-catching design in a modern living space is usually straightforward. Don't go crazy with unusual lighting fixtures or designs. Modern classics such as the arc floor light with their sleek lines, slim shades and sophisticated shades are a great alternative to overhead lighting.

2. Warm Wall Lights Soften the Edges
It is essential to create an inviting glow in your living rooms, especially in the case of rooms facing toward the north. Wall lights in your living spaces will boost the amount of light that bounces back into the space. This will make the space feel more cozy and larger than the overhead lighting. They're also perfect for smaller spaces as they don’t make space or create clutter.

3. Are you looking for classic living room lighting alternatives? Consider Ornate Sconces
Wall lights needn't be a part of the background, if you prefer a traditional style for living room lighting , choose something that is more decorative. The elaborate style of this wall sconce is stunning in this basic grey living space. Wall lights should be set at least at eye level to prevent the glare.

4. Mid-Century Modern Design Makes a Statement
Are you in search of living room lighting ideas that will create a focal point in your home? Invest in a standout chandelier or statement pendant light. A room that is adorned with round lamps and a sculptural design is sure to exude Mad Men style.

5. For an industrial look go for a stainless steel pendant light
We've always been enthralled by industrial-inspired interiors. That's why we are awestruck by the idea of applying this minimalist look to the lighting in our living rooms. Large, metallic pendant lights bring an industrial vibe to a space. They also make fantastic ambient lighting. However, they can create harsh light, so be careful. You can adjust it by using soft light sources or warm accent lighting. Have a look at this Slamp lighting Canada for info.

6. Get a Moroccan feel with Lanterns
You can mix and match lanterns in different dimensions and styles, as well as add floor cushions and pile with a wide array of textiles to transform your living space into a Kasbah. It's easy to see the concept with this idea for lighting your living room.

7. Integrate Functional Living Room Lighting
If you are planning to use your living area as a reading area or home office, it's important to have a specific lighting for your task. If you've got a reading chair in your space be sure that it is lit with a nearby floor lamp. This Ikea Delaktig lamp is soft and blends seamlessly into the living area. The adjustable height can meet the needs of your workspace.

8. Use a table lamp made of metallic to brighten your reading area
Still in love with copper accessories? We're crazy about copper-colored accessories too. A simple metallic tablelamp is a great option to add a modern touch to your living room lighting.

9. You can create an art gallery using your living room lighting.
We love this living-room lighting concept! Wall lights are an innovative way to make a gallery wall shine. Curiousaand Curiousa's lights add a splash, but they are identical to wall plates, which means the overall design is not too crazy.

10. String up the Fairy Lights if in Doubt
The magic weapon for interior novices, they are most definitely the most efficient (and the cheapest) method of creating some ambiance by lighting your living room. They can be strung over windows, mantelpieces, or over picture frames to create a contemporary candles. We are in love with these Festoon Lights from Lights4fun. The miniature fairy lights within provide warmth instead of the bright light that is usually associated with carnival lights. The brass accents make these lights extremely appealing to us. Check out this Kuzco for more.

11. Minimalist style with a Pared Down Lamp
You don't need a fancy statement floor lamp to make a good living room light source. Find a minimalist style and a metallic finish. It's a flexible lighting option that will enhance any living space. Simple, yet striking.

12. Choose a Floor Lamp with an attractive shape to create drama
This type of lamp isn't going to cast bags of light around (in fact, the black shades can throw light up and down but they don't let it out) However, it can create a striking centerpiece in any room. A large shade will make the biggest impact.

13. Place A Low Lamp In The Centre Over A Coffee Table
This is the reason. The focal point of a space is achieved by putting a low-slung lamp over tables for coffee or dining tables. What would you like your living room to be like? Social! It is possible to make your sofa or coffee table the focal point of the room by placing a low-lit lamp on top of it. This will enable you to create the perfect space for socializing. Much like a butterfly on the lamp, people are drawn to it.

14. Make use of a lamp where it Isn't Expected
You have a favourite lamp? Treat it like you would an ornamental plant or sculpture, or even a favourite object, and put it somewhere you wouldn't normally to display it. The coffee table near the end? The mantle is best placed next to it. Is it at the center of a bay windows? You can create any statement you like.

15. Make a spotlight on your Top Pieces
This living room lighting technique is so easy to do by using stick-on spotlights. You do not even require an electrician. Plus, those pleasing pools of light washing over your favorite finds will just contribute to the laid back look of your lounge. Check out this Pablo for info.

16. Go For A Standout Chandelier As Living Room Lighting
There is no way to be wrong with a chandelier as they work with any decor, modern or traditional. A traditional chandelier with a lot of detail can create the coolest features in an modern living space. A chandelier is an integral part of a traditional living space. Check our eBay for some stunning bargains.

17. Install an Arc Light to replace a Pendant Light
Arc lights are similar to pendant lights, in that they can hang in the center of your room, however unlike an overhead light , they create a lower, more concentrated light that creates a cozier space. If you're looking for a way to brighten up your living space, but don't want to completely redo the wiring for overhead lighting, arc lights can work well. It is also possible to move the lights around the room so that they are focused on one spot. This is ideal if you have an open-plan kitchen that has the appearance of a living room it since you can create a softer, more inviting lighting in a space which needs bright task lighting.

18. Add In Some Fun Neon Lights
Do you think neon lighting is cool? They're back and we thought we'd gone from the room lit by LEDs with the tie-dye walls and the lava lamp in the corner. But Pinterest says they will return in 2021. A hint of neon is all you need for your room to pop (if that's at all possible). to your living space with the cute LED neon sign. You can find smaller lights like the one pictured above or create your own quote the focal point of your living space.

19. Hang Low Pendant Lights
An adjustable pendant lamp can be pulled down to provide a gentle glow over the table is an alternative to the traditional table lamp. If you're in need of a bit of extra lighting to read simply pull down the light to a level that you like, but you don't have the impracticality of hanging it on your eye all the time.

20. Spotlights can be used to boost brightness
Spotlights are an excellent method to bring natural light to your living space. To make the room more warm include other light sources such as ceiling lamps or wall lights. You can also dim your spotlights if that is possible.

21. Clash Of The Chandeliers
In the living room the importance of style is greater than practicality. Playing with different designs as well as textures and materials can be a fantastic method to create dimension and showcase your personal style. Try adding fun accents such as a pineapple lamp, which can add a touch of quirk and amusement, perfectly juxtaposed with an eye-catching chandelier. Clashing metals can be a powerful design statement. Don't be discouraged by objects that might have been seen as unrelated. Adds Buchanan.

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